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Scroll down to find out more about each style, including how to customise! If I have any questions about your choices, we'll get in touch.


This is a speciality fabric, Squish:

Medium Weight: Super soft, stretchy fabric with a soft velvety feel.  Suitable for Hoodies and Jumpers and perfect for this time of year - Autumn to winter and through to cooler summer nights.  Your children will love the feel of this fabric on their skin.  Take a look in our highlights!

Made with 100% polyester but feels luxurious and is super comfortable, holds its shape brilliantly yet soft and gentle on the skin.


Care Advice:

Do not iron, wash at 30 to save energy and air dry on a hanger to save a job with sorting and folding! not advisable to tuble dry.


What's not to love?

Our Beautiful World - SQUISH

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