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Tufties gives back!

Earn stitches and turn them into products!

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    Sign Up

    • Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program

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    Earn Points

    • Buy a Tufties handmade product

      Get 1 Stitches for every £1 spent

    • Join our mailing list!

      Get 5 Stitches

    • Signup to Tufties

      Get 5 Stitches

    • Submit website feedback!

      Get 5 Stitches

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    Redeem Rewards

    • 20% off all products

      200 Stitches = 20% off for all store products

    • Free Gift Reward (add the free item at cart)

      150 Stitches = £15 off a specific product

    • 10% off all products

      100 Stitches = 10% off for all store products


How to WIN stitches, Free...

Win Photo of the Month!

Did you know, we run a photo of the month competition each month? To enter, simply send us a photo of your Tufties Clothing product, consenting to us using this for marketing (socials, website etc) and you'll automatically be entered. The winning photo will earn 10 Stitches!

Win Reel/Post of the month!

We're rewarding reels and posts, which we're tagged in. Children need to be wearing Tufties Clothing, of course.

To make sure we see your post, share it to your story and tag us. Remember though, we might not see it if you're private and we're not following you. If your post is on Facebook, you can set individual posts to public! Hooray!


It is always wonderful hearing your feedback, I'm so lucky to have such kind customers that care about the same things I do. I also care about making things better, so if you have feedback to share that  leads to a change,  I'll reward with some stitches!

Feedback left on our Instagram, Socials and Website earn you 5 stitches too!

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